Henry Mintzberg Or Michael Porter-Who is?-No.1 Best study notes

In this Henry Mintzberg or Michael Porter-Who is? the article, we are going to discuss the comparison of HENRY MINTZBERG and MICHAEL PORTER with the help of the following questions.
What is the difference between Porter and Mintzberg?
What is Henry Mintzberg’s theory?
What is Michael Porter’s strategy?
What are the 5 Ps of Henry Mintzberg?

Henry Mintzberg , Michael Porter
Henry Mintzberg or Michael Porter


(Born: September 2, 1939)

Henry Minzberg was born on September 2, 1939, in Montreal (Canada). He completed his degree in Mechanical Engineering from McGreal University in 1961. Master’s Degree in Management in 1965 and PhD in 1968 He also published the book ‘Managers Not MBAs’ in 2004; Which explores what is wrong with management education today.

Books by Henry Minzberg:

  • The Nature of Managerial Work (1973)
  • The Structuring of Organizations A Synthesis of the Research (1979)
  • Power in and Around Organizations (1983)
  • Structure in Fives: Designing Effective (1983)
  • Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning (1994)
  • Why I Hate Flying: Tales for the Tormented Traveler (2001)

The 5 P’s of Henry Minzberg

  • Plan
  • Ploy
  • Pattern/Strategy
  • Position
  • Perspective

Managerial Role of Henry Minzberg:

  • Interpersonal Contact
  • Information Process
  • Decision Making

MICHAEL PORTER (Michael Eugene Porter)

(Born: May 23, 1947; Michigan, United States)

Michael Eugene Porter was born on May 23, 1947, in Michigan (U.S.). He is an American writer. He has written in economics, business policy and theory on social causes.

Contributions by Michael Porter:

According to him The origins of competitive strategy are as follows:

  • Production function
  • Research and Development
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Relations

Michael Porter’s Five External Factors of Industry

According to Michael Porter, any industry has to deal with the following five external factors.

1. Supplier

2. Buyer

3. Substitute Goods

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